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Manufacturing using Your Trademarks

Do you have your own brand?

Do you want to expand its range and increase recognition?

The company “MARENGO RUS” LTD offers cooperation in production of ICED COFFEE, HARD-BOILED CANDIES using Your Trademark and Our production lines.

We offer a full cycle of supporting: from the development of package design and product production to the packaging of the finished product.



There is no need to purchase expensive lines for the production of a new product, we will produce it for you using our own production lines;

There is no need to develop a recipe for a new product, we already have developed technologies and unique recipes.

There is no need to interact with suppliers of raw materials, we will do it by ourselves.

You get additional profit by increasing the recognition of your brand and expanding your range of products.


We also offer you a hard-boiled candies in a 180 g souvenir can with a picture of the sights of your city, region, which make it not only a sweet gift, but also:

Introduces the history of the region;

Enhances domestic tourism;

Increases recognition of historical monuments;